Bounce Back (Vanic Remix) by VANIC Official

for my favourite rapper @bigsean hope you guys feel this as much as I do.

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Atlantiic – Onevia by Elysian Records


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Elysian Records


113: Salty about being salty by Android Authority

That’s right, our lovely listeners, the Android Authority Podcast is coming to a close in a couple of episodes. Listen to this week’s episode for more information about it and how you can enter to get some love from us during our final episode in a couple of weeks. Send your favorite moments from the AAPodcast using the hashtag #aafinalpodcast and we might send you some Google Play credit!

With Jonathan Feist out with car troubles, the rest of the gang gets together to talk about the OnePlus 5 that was just reviewed and covered extensively at Android Authority. There is plenty to say about the company’s latest phone that comes with a dual camera – speaking of dual cameras, we also talk about the impending LG V30 which should be the flagship announcement for this year’s IFA in Berlin.

Thank you all so much for listening to the podcast for these past couple of years, and we hope that you’ll be there with us when we hang up our mics the only way we know how – by discussing (and sometimes ranting about) topics in Android as we have every single week.

Rough timecodes:
21:00 – OnePlus 5
51:00 – LG V30