Chris Hayes on the crisis of elites and the politics of order by Panoply Media

I could describe this podcast, and I will. But the tl;dr is this is one of my favorite conversations so far, and you’re going to enjoy it. So just go listen.

Chris Hayes is, of course, the host of the MSNBC primetime show, “All In.” He’s also the author of the new book “Colony in a Nation,” as well as (the extremely prescient) Twilight of the Elites.

But beyond the bio, Chris is a crazily smart and insightful thinker on US politics and society, and he’s in rare form here. Among our topics:

• The way Donald Trump’s success represents both the problems of elite power and elite weakness

Who even counts as an elite, anyway?
How people decide what to trust
The difficulties of trying to approach politics with decency and charity in the age of Trump
Why the key to “law and order politics” isn’t law, but order
The underestimated power of humiliation in daily American life, and during America’s founding
How Chris would cover Trump if he were a White House correspondent
The ways in which the media actually can be unfair to Trump
Why the fight between Trump and the press is more a staged WWE-match than an actual war
The power of seeing politics as a zero-sum competition, even when it isn’t oneAnd much more. This conversation is dense and it’s fast and it’s interesting and it’s fun. Enjoy!


“Democracy for Realists,” by Chris Achen and Larry Bartels

“Locking up our own,” by James Forman

“Racecraft,” by Barbara Fields and Karen Fields

Ghettoside,” by Jill Leovy


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