096: Soundbeards by Android Authority


Joshua Vergara, Joe Hindy, Jonathan Feist and David Imel are joined by an all new personality on the show, from our very own SoundGuys.com, Adam Molina. With a SoundGuys presence, it should be no surprise the crew talk about audio gear for a bit, sharing their headphones of choice and more. In addition, talk about apps and gaming gets surprised laughs that a prominent pop star is now a character in Final Fantasy, and we learn that Andy Rubin, one of the fathers of Android, is off working on a new phone project.

Stay tuned for a brand new show format coming soon, we want to get you, our faithful listeners, readers and viewers more involved in the show, and we think we have a solution.

The Android Authority Podcast – discussing topics in Android every week.

Rough Timecodes:

Check in with our new guest and some weather.
32:00 – Ariana Grande in Final Fantasy BRAVE EXVIUS
38:00 – New Android Nintendo games!
43:00 – Google Allo 5.0
60:00 – OnePlus Bullets Headphones
71:00 – Andy Rubin, founder of Android, making a new phone/OS?


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