The Power Of Television In Politics, The Threat Of Antimicrobials, And Immigrant Detention by WBEZ’s Worldview

Before Donald Trump did The Apprentice, Hugo Chavez appeared on a weekly show called Aló Presidente, where he’d do everything from performing to discussing current issues. Political scientist Javier Corrales joins us to talk about how the two political leaders have used the media to deliver their political messages. Plus, Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) is a phenomenon where particular diseases grow resistant to traditional antibiotic medication, and previously curable diseases become untreatable. Elta Smith, a research leader at RAND Europe, joins us to talk about AMR and the conversation about global health at the UN. And while U.S. citizens expect the right to an attorney should they appear in court, such rights are not always guaranteed for people going through the U.S. immigration system, even children.


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