EpiPen Prices, the Clinton Foundation, and Lead Exposure by Panoply Media


Why did EpiPen’s price skyrocket 400 percent over the past decade? Sarah and Matt dive into the complex world of American drug pricing to find out. Also on this episode: understanding why the Clinton Foundation gets so much scrutiny, and a white paper of the week that shows how problematic a small level of lead exposure can be.


Politics in Uzbekistan, The National Park Service And JùJú Music by WBEZ’s Worldview


It’s been reported that Uzbekistan’s longtime authoritarian president, Islam Karimov, has suffered a massive stroke, and many speculate he has died. We talk about what’s next for the country. We also hear about a National Parks Service initiative to attract more people of color and get a taste of Nigerian jùjú music on Global Notes.

WV 8 – 30 – 16 WholeShow by WBEZ’s Worldview


What is America’s place in the world? We takea look at how America’s national security policies and values have shifted since 9/11 — and changed the way the US engages with other nations. We also explore how counterterrorism policies in other countries have been influenced by measures and policies instituted in the United States and what all this means for the presidential race.

W. Kamau Bell on the lessons of parenthood, Twitter, and fame by Panoply Media


W. Kamau Bell is a comedian and a writer. But you probably know him from one of his podcasts(Denzel Washington Is The Greatest Actor Of All Time Period and Politically Re-Active) or his CNN show The United Shades of America.

In this conversation, Bell and I go wide. We begin with an inquiry into the nature of health food, transition into a discussion of how future historians will view our present (and, particularly, a discussion of which stories we’re ignoring that they’ll see as central), move into the lessons Bell has learned from parenthood and fame, dig into his decision to move to Northern California from New York, examine his path to comedy, talk through the opportunities presented by podcasting, and more. There’s also a damn good Eddie Murphy story in here.

Here’s how good this conversation is: I spoke with Bell just a few days after getting my wisdom teeth out, and I still had a great time. You will too.