Gun Violence as a Public Health Issue, Fighting Corruption in India and a Solar Decathlon by WBEZ’s Worldview

Before Rodrigo Guerrero became Mayor of Cali, Colombia in 1992, no one had ever really thought of urban violence as a public health issue. The Harvard trained epidemiologist tells us how this lens helped the city reduce gun violence, and what other cities can learn from his work. We also catch up with lawyer and activist Prashant Bhushan about his work combatting corruption in India. Plus, a conversation about sustainable housing on our EcoMyths segment.

Secretary of Labor (and maybe VP?) Tom Perez by Panoply Media

Tom Perez is President Obama’s Secretary of Labor. He is also, according to the New York Times, on Hillary Clinton’s shortlist for the vice presidency.

I spoke with Perez about his path to the Labor Department, the powers of the Secretary of Labor, the push for a $15 minimum wage, the future of unions, a universal basic income, and much more. Perez sees his role as pushing a new contract between the government, employers, and workers, and in this episode, we delve deep into that vision.

This is a policy-heavy conversation with arguably the most activist member of Obama’s cabinet, and a leader who may be central to the next presidential administration, too. I think you’ll enjoy it.