#58: Google Dorking by Panoply Media


The Inc. team talks about how critical infrastructure across the U.S. is vulnerable to cyber takeovers. They also discuss the latest cover stories from Inc. Magazine’s April issue, and how fashion houses are creating hijabs, headscarves, and modest clothing for religious customers.

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The Nuclear Summit, Famine in Yemen and Helping Street Kids in Uganda by WBEZ’s Worldview


The Obama administration is hosting a nuclear security summit where global leaders will address the threat of nuclear terrorism. We’ll talk about the summit and its goals with Will Tobey, senior fellow at Harvard’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs. The war in Yemen has killed thousands and forced more than two million people from their homes. Now, the international aid agency Oxfam says that the ongoing conflict, “compounded by a looming banking crisis” could mean that millions of people are at risk of famine. We’ll discuss the situation in Yemen with Scott Paul, senior humanitarian policy advisor at Oxfam America. Plus, on our Global Activism segment we’ll get an update from Molly MacCready Heineman. She’s the founder Child Restoration Outreach Support Organization (CROSO), an organization helps street children in Uganda get an education.

The “Corey’s Gory Story” Edition by Panoply Media


David Plotz, Emily Bazelon and John Dickerson talk about Donald Trump’s support for his campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, and his comments on abortion. They also discuss Bernie Sanders’s momentum and President Obama’s criticism of the media.

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Ep 7A: Tips for Navigating Notification Season by Panoply Media


Host Julie Lythcott-Haims and Getting In expert Steve LeMenager hear an update from Getting In senior Jordana Meyer and they answer listener questions.

Steve is the president of Edvice, a college counseling firm. He was previously a director of admissions at Princeton University.

Listener questions in this episode include one from a mother in Seattle whose son received several acceptance letters, and wonders if the financial aid packages can be negotiated because her husband was recently laid off. A mother in Connecticut asks for advice after her daughter has been rejected everywhere and accepted to a school she would never consider attending. And a California eleventh grader studying abroad in the Czech Republic wonders if her lack of traditional junior year coursework will affect her admissions chances.

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