The Barking Where There Are No Dogs Edition by Panoply Media

Stefan Fatsis, Josh Levin, and Mike Pesca discuss the final years of Peyton Manning and Kobe Bryant. They also talk about LSU’s decision to keep Les Miles and Georgia’s to fire Mark Richt. Finally, they interview Ian Eagle about how he calls a game.

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Foul play suspected in pro-Kurdish activist’s murder in Turkey by WBEZ’s Worldview

A prominent Kurdish lawyer and human rights activist, Tahir Elci, was killed in Turkey over the weekend. He was shot, after a battle with police and after making a statement to journalists, where he called for an end to violence between the Turkish government and the Kurdish group the PKK. Elci had faced death threats after saying the PKK is not a terrorist organization. A curfew was imposed in the city where the killing took place, with police afraid Elci’s death could lead to more violence and unrest. Taner Akcam is a professor at the Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies at Clark University, joins us to discuss the implications of Elci’s killing.

(Photo: Flickr/Eser Karadağ)

The refugees stranded in Greece by WBEZ’s Worldview

The investigation into the Paris attacks has revealed that at least two of the attackers traveled to France via Greece, mixed in with the refugees coming in from Syria. Since the attacks several European countries have closed their borders, stranding a large number of would be asylum seekers and migrants in Greece. Dr. Zaher Sahloul, the former president of the Syrian American Medical Society, has just returned from working with refugees in Lesbos, Greece. He joins us to discuss the latest developments.

(Photo: Flickr/CAFOD Photo Library)

The stranded refugees in Lesbos, a pro-Kurdish activist dies in Turkey, and stopping ISIS by WBEZ’s Worldview

Refugees are stranded in Lesbos, Greece in the wake of Europe’s border closings, a Kurdish activist is killed in Turkey, and the BBC’s ‘The Inquiry’ revisits whether ISIS can be stopped.

(Photo: Flickr/International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Society)

Breaux – Leviathan by Elysian Records

Elysian’s 50th release.

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Tiësto & Don Diablo ft. Thomas Troelsen – Chemicals (Marko Stc Remix) [Talentpool TOTW 49] by Spinnin’ Talent Pool

We selected Tiësto & Don Diablo ft. Thomas Troelsen – Chemicals (Marko Stc Remix) as our Talent Pool Track of the Week 48. Congrats!!

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